PurpleSwift now offers an elegant solution for integrating Siemens Apogee systems to any BACnet client software: The BACnetP2 gateway software.

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Siemens P2 to BACnet Integration

This gateway software provides for an elegant integration of a Siemens Apogee system to any BACnet client software. With the help of the Apogee P2 protocol support, this gateway software gives fast access to the Apogee system data points for both read and write operations as achieved by the Siemens Insight building management software.

The BACnetP2 gateway software can be connected to an Apogee legacy P2 over RS485 network. Connection to an Apogee P2 /Ethernet network is also supported including multi BLN configurations.

The software automatically maps the complete Apogee system to BACnet for easy use with BACnet discovery tools. Each Apogee panel is mapped to a separate BACnet device object. Likewise each Apogee TEC device is mapped to a separate BACnet device object.

The integration has a very low impact on the Apogee system. The BACnetP2 software appears on the Apogee system as a native Apogee panel device which only increases the network load by a small amount, typically a few percent.

The BACnetP2 software is a linux software application. Windows is not currently supported although the gateway software can be run on Windows from a linux virtual machine.

Helpful links for more information:

For a brief introduction to the Siemens Apogee system and terminology please see Introduction to Siemens Terminology

Do you need help identifying which apogee controllers you own? Please see Apogee Controllers

Do you require more information on integration methods? Please see Integration

Minimum system requirements:

  • Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS AMD64 (server or desktop)
  • CPU Atom 1.8 GHz
  • RAM 2 GByte
  • DISK 100 Gbyte
  • RS485 adapter (Legacy P2 /RS485 only)  

Avaliable through BACnetP2

  • Integrate Siemens Apogee panel and TEC device data
  • Full read and write access to all Apogee device points
  • Very fast data acquisition
  • Supports both legacy P2 (RS485) and P2 /Ethernet
  • Support for both P1 and LON TEC devices (LMEC & LTEC)
  • Minimal configuration required
  • Low impact on Apogee system
  • BACnet /IP protocol
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