Frequently Asked Questions

1. Pricing and Licencing

Answer: There is no set price for BACnetP2. The pricing depends on the system. In order for us to get the information which we require in order to give you a quote, please send us two reports: "Panel Configuration Report" and "System Profile Report". You can also get a budgetry quote by using our Analysis tool to analyse your system profile report.

Answer: You need to run 2 reports from the Insight PC. The two reports are:"Panel Configuration Report" and "System Profile Report". For more information on BACnetP2 pricing and how to get the required site information, please see BACnetP2 Pricing

If for any reason you cannot send us the reports, please send us the following:

P2 BLN type (RS485 or Ethernet)

Number of servers (Ethernet = 1, RS485 = Number of P2 networks (BLNs))

Number of panels

Number of TECs

Answer: The same reports are required as for a quote (See Question 1.1) with the addition of the BACnetP2 "Driver ID". The BACnetP2 "Driver ID" will be displayed as BACnet object CSV7 in the format: {12345-12345-12345-1234-1234-1234}.

Answer: Yes, we offer a 30% discounted price for our read-only licence.

2. Trial Software and Demo Licence

Answer: Yes! Please go to BACnetP2 Downloads where you will find software, setup manuals, information and more.

Answer: Yes, the software comes with a demo licence that lasts for 16 days.

Answer: Yes, extended demo licences are available. Please email us with your request and include the same information as required for the licence purchase (See Question 1.3).

3. Payment

Answer: Payment is made by "wire transfer". PurpleSwift will provide banking details with the SWIFT code and address details usually required by online banking portals.

4. Other

Answer: Yes we do have an option to map physical IO points as BACnet virtual points. The default mapping is Apogee AI and DI points are mapped to BACnet analog-inputs and binary-inputs respectively. The option exists to change that mapping to analog-value and binary-value respectively.

Answer: If you reside in the USA then the answer is yes. Shipping to other countries may follow in the future.

Answer: Please download Retrieve Backup files for instructions on how to get P2 backup files.

Answer: The short answer is no. The BACnetP2 is a P2 level gateway and it relies on the P2 panels to act as the P1 gateways to the FLN devices. See question 4.4b

Question 4.4b: Is a P1 gateway solution cheaper than a BACnetP2 solution?

Answer: There are P1 gateway solutions available, which may be less expensive than our gateway for small sites. The installation and engineering time required for the P1 gateway solution escalates quickly on bigger sites.

For P2/RS485: The P2 gateway solution is cheaper for sites with 2 or more panels
For P2/Ethernet: The P2 gateway is cheaper for sites with 5 or more panels

If the client wants the panels replaced with new controllers then it is still more cost effective to place the new controllers alongside the P2 panels and transfer the panel IO connections to the new controllers while retaining the P2 panels as the P1 gateway devices.

This supplier has a P1 gateway solution that others have found useful: ETH-1000 and Mirius

If your questions have not been answered, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.