HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) controls are control systems used to regulate the operation of heating and/or air conditioning systems. This is achieved with the use of data communication between devices, hardware, and computer systems.

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The D-Series controls all operate in stand-alone mode or as an integral part of the Siemens Building Technologies System 600. Due to their stand-alone capability these controls are ideal for installations where BAS is not required or will be added at a later stage.

When operating in stand-alone mode the keyboard unit provides time-of-day ON / OFF switching. When BAS communications is detected, the time-of-day function is disabled. This provides both easy transition from stand-alone to BAS and convenient backup should the BAS communications be interrupted.

All control parameters are settable from the BAS system or by direct command from either the terminal unit or a PC (laptop). The PC based configuration software provides a convenient tool for commissioning purposes.

The controller variables are available to the BAS for trending, monitoring, time-of-day commanding and PPCL program use.

The two BMS Slave units have no control function but provide cost effective digital and analog points. Because these devices reside on the LAN, the connections can be remote from the BAS controller. This can result in substantial savings in materials and wiring costs.

A range of temperature sensors are supported, including the NTC 100K thermistor and the NTC 10K thermistor.

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