We Are PurpleSwift

About Us

PurpleSwift is a software and electronics company committed to building quality products and we pride ourselves on our excellent service. We have over 30 years of experience in the electronics and software industries. PurpleSwift previously traded as Capesoft Electronics.

We specialise in communication between HVAC electronic controls and the Siemens Apogee system. Our "legacy controls" range of products all communicated on the Apogee P1 network and we now offer a product that communicates on the Apogee P2 network: BACnetP2.

Focus areas

Our primary clients:

  • HVAC Controls Contractors
  • Master System Integrators
  • Energy Monitoring and Analytics companies
  • Higher Education Institutions.

Our primary industries:

  • Higher Education
  • Schools
  • Healthcare

We launched BACnetP2 in August 2020 and we have since integrated sites across countries, saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are experiencing significant growth through our strategic partnerships with distributors and contractors. And we continue to adapt our strategy to most effectively bring our product to the market.

Book a demo today to see how BACnetP2 will help you. We understand your system and the frustrations you are feeling.

Yours sincerely
Derek Noffke

Owner of PurpleSwift

What our customers are saying about us

"Extremely happy with Purpleswift's software solution to convert Siemens P2 protocol to Bacnet. PurpleSwift's technical team worked with us to set up the software and were extremely responsive to any questions or solutions on issues during the implementation."
Adam Boltz - University Controls Engineer

"We have been utilizing our new P2 Gateway at one of our sites for over a month now and are very happy with the results. The usability of the gateway into BACnet is great. You guys have created something special"
Tyler Nigreville – Complete Building Services

"The client is very happy with the speed with which the BACnetP2 delivers data to Tridium. The old Insight system was quite slow in comparison."
Bruce Kinnear - iLED

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PurpleSwift Team

The PurpleSwift team works together towards two main goals: bringing you the most complete integration solution possible and providng excellent customer service. While each team member has strengths which are uniquely suited to their role, they also work collaboratively to help achieve these goals.

Derek Noffke

Derek is the owner and founder of PurpleSwift, but first and foremost he is a programmer. His deep technical knowledge of the systems in the market we serve helps to build trust and alleviate the frustrations felt by our clients. He is located in the Scottish Borders and can often be found doing late afternoon and evening demos for new clients to accommodate clients in different timezones.

Siobhan Neethling

As head of marketing for BACnetP2, Siobhan is focussed on finding new ways for BACnetP2 to reach the market. She based is in Greater London. Please feel free to contact her with any feedback about our website or social media pages.

Rodney Halvorsen

Rodney is focused on software development. He is located in New Zealand.